Complete set of Pharmacy Matchbooks (1998)

Damien Hirst (1965-)

Complete set of matchbooks
Encased in a handmade acrylic box

42cm x 66cm in the frame


The rare complete set of 60 matchbooks.

Inspired by a pharmacy installation the artist made in 1992, now in the Tate collection, Hirst’s Pharmacy restaurant on Notting Hill Gate in London caused huge controversy. The name was strongly contested by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society who claimed that it would confuse people who were looking for a real chemist. Legal action was threatened and so the name was temporarily changed to Army Chap – an anagram of Pharmacy.

Designed by Hirst this rare complete set of 60 matchbooks, originally distributed individually to customers, are in original condition – all have complete sets of matches within. The back of each book is numbered and stamped with the Pharmacy copyright stamp along with the address of the restaurant.

NB: The same complete set of Pharmacy matchbooks sold at auction by Morgan O’Driscoll on 14th September 2020 for a hammer price of 10,000 Euros.

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