Flaneure (2017)


Oil on canvas; signed bottom right
Newly-framed as pictured

92cm x 72cm in the frame


Matthias Oppermann (1956 in Giessen) is a German psychoanalyst and painter.

Growing up in Giessen, Dörnigheim, he graduated from high school in Munich in 1975 and began studying medicine in Hamburg in 1977. At the same time he completed a multi-year study of figurative drawing with Wilhelm M. Busch at the College of Design. From 1987 to 1993, he trained as a psychoanalyst.

His happening on a surrealist exhibition in Munich aged 16 triggered Oppermann’s artistic path. Inspired by mountains since childhood, he partners ‘en plein air’ painting with studio work to create unique representations of natural landscapes and people in motion.

He is rarely concerned with pure landscape painting. Rather – inspired by fleeting and fragmentary moments of his experience – he uses different techniques and perspectives to create unique compositions quite independent from their original subject matter. “I paint landscapes that are less concerned with naturalistic reproduction as they are with capturing rhythms and empty spaces in the landscape.” Pyschograms of landscapes he eloquently calls them.

 He is the curator of the Morgenland Gallery and lives in Hamburg.

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